While everyone was busying readying the 2016 countdown party, i appreciate this quality moment on my own while my little one was asleep, to go through and to plan the coming 2017. Thoughts and ideas came into mind that couldn’t stop and yet unable to grab it all one by one.
2 years ago, I am a  lucky girl that quit my previous job and jump into Real Estate Field. I’m new, just as white as a blank paper that starting from 0. Met a group of lovely colleagues , sister kind of working partners, family kind of customers, we learn and grow together thru property, we share laughters and cries along the way. 2016, new exploring experience, new mind set, new vision, I’ve created my own LOGO for Sabah Property Ramblers, FB page Sabah Property Ramblers (feels free to like and share) and today I’m creating this site for my own little space of sharing and also my Real Estate Service as a new stepping stone for 2017. I am willing to learn and grow in the coming 2017 and i’m trying my best to bring the best service to my client, better photography, better marketing skills, better negotiate skills, and more.

Yes, not forget, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU all my beloved customer that put their trust on me, as long as u don’t give up, i will never! 2016 definitely is a growing year and life changing moment on my career, every moment of closing deal is a moment of blessing by God.